Industrial Gas Business Steps-up to Industry 4.0 with IoT Technology

25 March 2021


It can be something incredible for many of us to imagine how the Internet of Things or IoT technology becomes a part of our daily lives. Admittedly, the IoT technology is important driving force for our cutting-edge development and has significantly changed the way we live. From smart devices, smart home applications to smart networks, these technology record and process data systematically. Furthermore, the Cloud system enables online data storage and processing. We can control and monitor data accessibility anytime. All of these have been the momentum for innovative change towards the Future Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.

In industrial gas business, BIG has initiated adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things technology or IIoT to meet Industry 4.0 policy. This technology has been implemented with gas production management in our customers’ factories located countrywide. It allows real-time data management and analytics. Big data analytics and a connected network between users, equipment and each process enable us to achieve gas production management in real time. Product Liability and Product Safety are key elements of IIoT technology application which are:

1. Product Reliability: BIG enhances customer experience by introducing the IIoT technology. Our customers can be assured of reliability in our industrial gas and their factories’ production process. Other benefits from the IIoT technology are as follows:

  • Monitor tank level in real-time 24/7
  • Forecast tank level with utilization rate calculation to enable users to schedule next order in time
  • Track gas order status and location of delivery trucks before arriving at customers’ factories
  • Track order history, which includes volumes and delivery dates and times
  • Monitor pressure measurement along factory pipelines. Customers can check gas readiness at its origin before being distributed into production facilities.

2. Product Safety: BIG determines to deliver product safety in compliance with the international standard to our customers.

  • Measure pressure in product tanks with overpressure alarm for preliminary pressure relief
  • Detect irregular gas flow rate by using post-vaporizing temperature control


Our customers can easily access these systems anytime through the mobile application which is compatible for both iOS and Android system. This is simply our initiative in adopting the IoT technology. BIG is continuing to develop this system for other platforms in the future. We enhance better experience in the industrial gas industry to our customers and move toward the world of digital 4.0.

Petty Patent No. 15214: Integrated Industrial Gas Management System


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