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Product Overview

Industrial gas is an essential element of today production sector in most industries, as it enables customers in various industries to improve their product qualities, to increase productivity, and to improve environmental performance.

BIG offers a complete range of industrial gas solutions including installation service of gas stations at customers’ production sites. BIG’s solution offerings feature the best-in-class technologies, uncompromising safety standard provided by a team of experienced staffs with strong local market expertise.

BIG provides a wide range of industrial gas products from oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, acetylene, to medical and specialty gases to mixed gases. BIG also offers engineering design and services from our technical expert team, as well as a number of supply options depending on customers’ gas supply needs. Our supply options include pipeline supply, bulk delivery, packaged or cylinder gases, and on-site gas generation.

BIG offers various products, services, and solutions for several industries including refinery, petrochemical, glass and steel, automotive, electronics, and healthcare industries, BIG also serves other industries, such as food and beverage, chemical, tire and rubber, cement, agriculture, wastewater treatment, inspection, lab and alternative energy.

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