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Water and Wastewater

Cost-effective solutions for water treatment processes

Are you looking for reliable, efficient and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions to meet environmental legislation?

Our innovative solutions using pure oxygen bring cost efficiency and environmental benefits, and help you improve your water and wastewater treatment processes. The technology combines all the proven advantages of pure oxygen aeration, ozone and advanced oxidation with patented high mass transfer technology delivering highly-effective, low-cost water solutions. And we also have innovative solution for wastewater recycle, water quality improvement and Cooling system treatment for sustainable of environment.

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Halia® Solutions are Capable of Handling Diverse Requirements:

  • To increase wastewater treatment capacity of an existing plant up to 30%
  • To reduce foams, odors and VOCs or carbon emission released from aeration systems
  • To improve nitrification and settling efficiency
  • To remove color for discharge or reuse
  • To remove recalcitrant contaminants

Water Treatment Solutions Include:

Pilot Trials

Technical and Engineering Design Support

Continuous, Automated Process Controls Help to Balance System to Maintain Operating Conditions

Low Initial Investment and Operating Costs

Safety and Operability Reviews and Training

Real-time Monitoring System


Wastewater Treatment

  • Pure Oxygen Aeration
  • Advanced Oxidation Process
  • CO2 pH Adjustment
  • TDS Reduction Technology

Recycle Water Treatment and Water Quality Improvement

  • Wastewater Recycle
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Demin Water
  • Soft-Water

Cooling System Treatment

  • Advanced Oxidation Process
  • Bio-Fouling Protection
  • Scaling Protection

Do you need to improve your water treatment process?

Our engineers can give you advice on the right equipment and solution for your needs.



BIG gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.

Carbon Dioxide

Our experienced applications teams across the globe can use their industry and application knowledge to provide you with a compressed or liquid carbon dioxide supply and technology solution to meet your unique needs.


In addition to its use as a respiratory gas for healthcare applications, its strong oxidizing properties benefit many industries by improving yields, optimizing performance, lowering costs and reducing carbon footprint compared to other fuels.

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