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BIG e-Invoice

Because BIG aims at providing the best services to customers, an e-invoice system has been launched recently to meet customer’s satisfaction. The e-invoice as well as e-order can be done via internet. The system helps customers to always have an access to their financial information.

BIG e-Invoice

BIG e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt

Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. has been approved by the Revenue Department to implement the e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt since 8th December 2017 and started implementing the system from 1st January 2018

By implementing the e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt, the customers may enjoy the following benefits;

  • Reducing the use of paper and global warming effect
  • Enabling the IT system to promptly process with the data or information derived from the e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt
  • Reducing paper storage area
  • Reducing the duplicated working process
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