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BIG Platform & Solutions

All-in-One Place for Sustainable Solutions

See all your accounts in one place, view recent transitions, access useful stock reports, and more. Accessible on PC, tablet, and smart phone.​

Solutions for Decarbonization​

Discover alternative approaches that can assist you reaching your net zero target​

Energy Solutions

Utilize real-time data and AI technology to efficiently control, manage, and optimize factory energy consumption. Lower costs with effective in-house energy management.​

Water Solutions

Our cost-effective solutions for water treatment, meeting environmental regulations including wastewater treatment, enhanced cooling tower efficiency, and water recycling.​​

Air Compressor Management

Experience optimal, demand-driven compressed air management. Our advanced system synchronizes multiple compressors, dryers, and filters for top efficiency. ​

Oxygen Aeration

Upgrade wastewater treatment with pure oxygen (99.5%) instead of air, eliminating N2 presence. Our Halia mixer ensures thorough blending without air, preventing N2-related VOC issues. ​

BIG Platform & Solutions​

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Know your gas consumption real-time and forecast prediction from historical usage pattern for your control and optimization. Export feature is also available at your own convenience.​

Various solutions; from real-time data monitoring to AI technology, help you controlling, managing, and optimizing your energy usage in the factory. Lower energy cost with the most effective energy management within the company.​​

We’re dedicated to reducing CO₂ emissions as part of our sustainable growth plan. We’re here to support you in reduce emissions, with services including setting up CO₂ monitoring, offering solutions for emission reduction within your factory.​​

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