BIG as a part of driving Thailand through “Energy Innovation Leader 4.0”

10 August 2018

Bangkok Industrial Gas takes “innovation” to continually develop for pioneering industrial gas. This is another significant key that can lead the company to the major innovation gas industry in Thailand.

Gas Innovation to drive Thailand 4.0

The company started the business with an objective to produce gas for chemical products and petrochemical industries in Thailand. BIG’s vision focuses on “sustainability”. Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited or BIG, Thailand’s Innovative Gas Solutions aims be an innovation organization. The company develops and continues producing industrial gas solutions during the business cycle.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited, revealed that an important reinforcement which drives the company to become a leader of gas innovation supplier in Thailand comes from the company’s commitment and the idea of being “innovation organization”. The idea is transferred from the parent company – Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. who is the world-leading industrial gases company from USA. BIG always relies on ethical conducts as well as environmental and social responsibilities. Furthermore, the company focuses on innovation creation process by supporting the product development and services. These focuses must be consistent in doing business with “value” and sustainable growth.

One of BIG’s successes last year is a development of an innovation entitled “Oxygen Lancing Technology for Incinerator”. It is the innovation improvement by increasing Oxygen in burning process in rotary furnace. This innovation generates higher efficiency in burning as well as decrease cost and energy. It is used in industrial trashes burning process in which those trashes are poisoning and toxic – hazardous waste. It normally takes a lot of fuel to destroy hazardous waste, therefore it wastes of time and money. However, BIG’s innovation reduces the use of natural gas and Carbon Dioxide emission for over 30% or around 5,00 tons per year.

“We have been thinking for over a decade that this innovative is essential in driving the business. Our parent company improved the innovation by using Oxygen in many ways. Perhaps, industrial trashes in Thailand seems to be the most relevant issue, therefore, we developed the innovation in this way.”

The product development also allowed the company to be one of 66 organizations to be selected for Thailand Energy Awards in 2017. BIG is granted for energy aspect from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency. The company continually presents and develops innovations – and receive the award in two consecutive years.
Not only developing innovations for industrial sector, BIG additionally improves alternative energy for the future for Thai consumers. Since Hydrogen is another industrial gas which is appointed to be alternative energy, BIG thus realizes the necessity to develop the product.

According to the potential in developing fuel cell energy vehicle (FCEV) around the world, Hydrogen has a quality that can change fuel cell energy to be electrical energy. As the first and biggest Hydrogen producer of Thailand, BIG can now produce Hydrogen for 17,000 cubic meters per hour.

With readiness to produce Hydrogen gas as well as long experience and expertise in producing Hydrogen gas for commerce, BIG cooperates with Toyota Motor Thailand – one of the main Hydrogen car developers and producers in the world. We both propose to develop Hydrogen energy in fuel cell vehicles for trading. BIG and Toyota share expertise in improving Hydrogen gas service point, transportation safety and tools as well as equipment that make the customers safe and confident for the usage.

“Using Hydrogen gas for fuel cell vehicle must be developed carefully: there are several factors to consider. In this case, BIG and our alliance must cooperatively and continually develop together,” said Mr. Piyabut

This cooperation can also reflect our commitment that BIG is the main industrial entrepreneur in Thailand who never stops developing innovations for sustainability. During the past 30 years, the innovations bring the company success. Therefore, the company will never stop improving and creating new innovations which will higher industrial standard in Thailand.

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