Therapy with Coldness from Liquid Nitrogen for “Kao Kon La Kao Charity Run” Project

10 August 2018

Everyone in Thailand currently cheers up “Toon Bodyslam” or Mr. Artiwara Kongmalai for “Charity Fundraising Run for 11 Hospitals in Thailand”. The project is aimed to gather some donations by running from Bay-Tong – South of Thailand to Mae-Sai – North of Thailand. The 55 days running includes overall distance of 2,191 kilometers.

Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited or BIG, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions – the company’s Oxygen gas service is selected for physical usage in several hospitals. Moreover, BIG is expertise in innovation of coldness from liquid Nitrogen at the freezing point (-210 degrees Celsius) through portable Cryotherapy. The company therefore supports the project’s runners by providing therapy through the innovation as well as donation of 500,000 Thai Bahts for Toon Bodyslam and the “Charity Fundraising Run for 11 Hospitals in Thailand”. The donation is objectively to buy medical equipment for needy hospitals. BIG, as a part, donated the money on December 2, 2017 at the temporary stand, Ratchaburi Hospital which is one of 11 hospitals in the project.



The innovation of coldness from liquid Nitrogen with a low temperature of -210 degrees Celsius through portable Cryotherapy is using the coldness to relieve the pain which is a part of body rehabilitation process. When the coldness at freezing point touches the skin, it arouses bloodstream movement which can keep stable body temperature. Furthermore, the process encourages movement and emancipation of bad stuffs from cells that make the body recover faster.

In addition, BIG provided the Cryotherapy with a team of professionals together with Toon Bodyslam’s and other runners’ physiotherapists. In this case, the team is lead by Dr. Samitada Sungkapo who takes care the running crew from the starting point to Mae-Sai, Chiang Rai.

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