BIG Enhances Thailand 4.0 Sustainable Growth with Innovations from the Air

Sustainable growth is a key concept that will support the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy by encouraging the efficient use of resources among manufacturers. Businesses are today striving to reduce their energy consumption and making more effort to protect the environment through the application of innovations and advanced technologies in their operations. Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. or “BIG”, the leader in gas innovation in Thailand, is playing an important role in encouraging the Thai industrial sector to adopt innovative gas technologies in the effective treatment of waste water.

Gas innovations and the Thailand 4.0 policy

Industrial Gases are normally used in every industrial sector mainly as utilities but the innovative technology to apply gases for better productivity and efficiency, so-called Gas innovation is a key factor in helping bring about better environmental balance and improving the quality of life of people. With this concept, BIG, Thailand’s leader in industrial gas innovation, is committed to developing more gas innovations to help improve its customers’ production processes, especially customers in the industrial sector. Innovative gas technologies can contribute to more efficient and sustainable use of resources while at the same time reducing production costs.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., said that his company has introduced technological innovations and industrial expertise from its parent company Air Products and Chemicals Inc. to support the Thailand 4.0 policy by improving competitiveness of Thailand’s manufacturing sector and by helping manufacturers adapt to changing market conditions and environmental challenges. “One of the key industry concerns these days is industrial waste which has a direct impact on the environment. Effective control and disposal of waste is the way in which businesses not only demonstrate their social and environmental responsibility but fundamentally enhance their overall competitiveness,” he said.

Sustainable Waste Water Treatment

BIG has been entrusted by Phoenix Pulp & Paper Public Company Limited, the largest paper producer in Thailand and ASEAN, and a subsidiary of SCG Group, to deliver its innovative Halia® OxyMix technology to improve the efficiency and capacity of industrial waste water treatment system. The technology helps save the company both time and money by reducing power consumption as well as lowering concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and sludge.

Innovations from industrial gases in industrial waste management is a relatively new concept gaining more interest in the industrial sector. Gas innovations such as Halia® OxyMix are changing the way industrial waste is treated by utilizing oxygen in the treatment of waste water and therefore playing a role in the development of industry, especially in waste management.

Mr. Piyabut reiterated his companys strategy to develop innovations from the air as a means to support the advancement of the Thai industrial sector in the 4.0 era, with greater effectiveness, energy efficiency and sustainability.

“BIG has been pioneering in initiating industrial gas solution for safety, good quality of life and environmental protection for more than 29 years. We will continue to foster the development of innovations in future to drive production processes and maximize the utilization of resources through improvements in productivity, energy efficiency and sustainable growth. The application of our leading innovations together with sustainable development practices over the past years have been well proven as reflected by three awards winnings at the national level, including the Thailand Energy Award 2016 for energy conservation in the category of transportation, the Eco Factory Award 2016 for environment-friendly manufacturing, and the CSR-DIW 2016 Award. This really confirms how effectively BIG can bring innovation from the air for enhancing Thailand 4.0 driven by sustainable growth of Thai industries,” concluded the Managing Director.