BIG drives the future as Thailand’s “Energy Innovation Leader 4.0”

BIG, Thailand’s leading producer of industrial gases, harnesses the power of innovation to pioneer sustainable industrial development…

Starting out as a producer of industrial gases for the chemical and petrochemical sector in Thailand, Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., or BIG, has developed into an innovation-based organization with a core long-term vision of “sustainability”, continuing to develop and innovative industrial gas solutions throughout thirty years of operations.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., revealed that the driving force behind BIG’s success in becoming Thailand’s leading integrated gas industry innovator today is based on the conviction and concept of “innovation organization” from the parent company, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. a world leader in industrial gases and chemicals from the United States. Besides good corporate governance, social responsibility and constant care for the environment, the company strongly focuses on innovation, promoting the development of products and services in line with the concepts of value and sustainable growth.

One aspect is BIG’s innovation in the field of alternative technology, such as the company’s Oxygen Lancing Technology for Incinerators, which increases the amount of oxygen in combustion mixes at waste incineration plants. When used in conjunction with rotary furnaces, the technology allows for more efficient combustion, lower costs and reduced energy consumption. The waste combustion innovation can be employed to dispose of industrial and hazardous wastes with savings in natural gas consumption and reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 30 percent, equivalent to 5,000 tons annually.

“We have considered this for over a decade and see innovation as being an important business driver,” said Mr. Piyabut “Our parent company has been developing innovative oxygen technologies in many areas, but here in Thailand we consider industrial waste disposal to be a key issue. This is why we have developed this innovation.”

Through the company’s commitment, this gas innovation is commercially available and has become well accepted among local businesses. BIG has also proudly become one of 66 organizations selected for the Thailand Energy Awards 2017 in the creative energy field by the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency. BIG’s efforts to innovate have been honoured with the award for two consecutive years.

As well as innovations designed for industry, BIG has continued with alternative energy development for the future benefit of consumers in Thailand. Hydrogen is another industrial gas that is being considered for a role as an alternative energy fuel in the future. In this respect, BIG recognizes the importance of continuing innovation and product development.

Progress is being made around the world in the development of automotive fuel cells which use clean energy from hydrogen to produce electrical energy. BIG is the first and largest producer of hydrogen gas in Thailand, with a current production capacity of 17,000 cubic metres per hour.

With its readiness in hydrogen production capacity together with its year of expertise and experience in the commercial production of hydrogen, BIG has partnered with Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of fuel cells, to jointly develop the use of hydrogen as a commercial fuel for vehicles, whether it be the joint development of hydrogen service stations or the safety of transportation and equipment to ensure consumer confidence when the service comes into use.

“There are many factors involved in the use of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel and we have to proceed carefully. BIG together with the automobile manufacturers need to work together with this development,” added Mr. Piyabut.

The collaboration reflects BIG’s stance as a leader in Thai industry with ongoing advancements in innovation and sustainable development.

With its continuous development over the past 30 years, BIG has achieved remarkable success. Nonetheless, BIG will remain committed to innovation to play its part in promoting a more sustainable industrial sector in Thailand.