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Business Philosophy

Growing BIG Together
BIG’s mission is to support and accomplish with sustainable growth of BIG’s business partners and relate parties, under the concept “Growing BIG Together”. BIG has committed to 4 philosophies in doing business and believe that these are core values to achieve sustainable development of both BIG and its business partners.

Being trustworthy with accountability on “value” of products and world-class delivery service.
With international standard in production, Air Products and Chemicals has established connection with 4 production plants and power supply bases, to ensure its continued production and non-stop delivery service to customers. Air Products holds the largest storage of liquid gas in South East Asia with broad coverage pipeline network. Also, the trailer/truck delivery system is effectively controlled by GPS system, while the telemetry system is used to monitor and to manage the level of gas usage and the remaining level at customers’ sites. These advancement creates our reliability in the eyes of its customers for the consistency in prompt supply with world-class safety standard.

Creating new ideas and innovation continuously for “value” of the future.
Air Products and Chemicals, the parent company of BIG, is well recognized for as world’s leader in innovation, especially in industrial gas technologies that has transferred to BIG and its customers. Expertise has also transferred from technical personals of Air Products to engineers of BIG. Over the past years, Air Products has contributed greatly to research and development and has set up the R&D Center of Excellence in many countries. For example, the Center of Excellence in electronics and combustion in China.

Driving “value” in doing business with business partners to grow together.
BIG committed, as a reliable partner, to customers and related parties with the policy of “Growing BIG Together”, and established a deeper and closer cooperation with them in order to co-create innovation for sustainable business in the future. We know that the well-being of its business partners will assure the success of BIG as a whole. This gives the reason why satisfaction of customers are always our priority.

Realizing “value” of environment, health, and safety.
Environment, Health, and Safety value is the main focus of BIG since the establishment of the company in doing business. This aims at providing safety, good quality of living to employees, customers as well as the environment, and communities where it operates. This is the reason why BIG has continuously received awards on environment, health, and safety from Thailand’s Ministry of Labour.

Our Mission

We make the world more productive, energy-efficient, and sustainable with

Infinite Innovation from the Air

Our Vision

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