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BIG Collaborate with PTT to Provide Ready Supply of Oxygen to Tackle Omicron Pandemic


“BIG” increases medical oxygen production capacity of the new air separation plant operated under a joint venture company between BIG and PTT. With the total daily production capacity of over 1,150 tons, BIG can supply medical oxygen to the public healthcare system during the new surge of the COVID-19’s Omicron variant.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen – Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited (BIG), Thailand’s largest oxygen producer – revealed that the new surge of the COVID-19’s Omicron variant, in many regions has led to the rising number of new confirmed cases. BIG assures of the availability of medical oxygen for the public healthcare system. Since October 2021, BIG and PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) have operated the new air separation plant under the JV company, Map Ta Phut Air Products Company Limited (MAP), which enables BIG to reach the total oxygen production capacity of over 1,150 tons per day and meets the country’s demand.

“From the recent spread of COVID-19’s Delta variant, BIG has been working with medical professionals and volunteer squads to supply oxygen to the COVID-19 patients. We are ready to support all relevant sectors to meet the increasing oxygen demand during the new wave of Omicron. Currently, the number of patients in hospitals all over the country is rising. Therefore, this time BIG has increased the production capacity of our existing air separation plants and the new one at MAP which was operated under the cooperation between BIG and PTT. This new air separation plant commenced its operation last October. BIG’s also includes logistics management, reserve tanks of liquid oxygen with the storage capacity of over 7,300 tons and oxygen cylinder procurement under the business continuity plan. Digital platforms and big data are applied in our supply chain management to address medical oxygen demand in any situation,” Mr. Piyabut said.

BIG supplies oxygen in both liquid and gaseous forms. Liquid oxygen enables transportation in a larger volume or over 800 times in comparison with oxygen in its gaseous form. Liquid oxygen will be converted to gas at hospital before use while oxygen in a gaseous form allows hospitals and communities an instant use from its cylinder.

BIG is ready to supply medical oxygen to meet the demand from Omicron patients who receive treatment at hospitals all over Thailand including the demand from field hospitals, foundations, volunteer squads and communities. For the information on medical oxygen, please contact us at Bangkok Industrial Gas Official Facebook, email: mkt@bigth.com or at 02 685 6789.


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