>>BIG Organizes a Safety Training in Gas Usage for the SEALs

BIG Organizes a Safety Training in Gas Usage for the SEALs


August 21, 2019, the Royal Thai Navy SEALs Training Centre, Sattahip, Chonburi – Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (BIG), Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions organized a safety training in the usage of oxygen, argon and helium for over 80 army students of the SEAL’s Naval Special Warfare Command – Advanced Level.

The training aims to create understanding of the principles, gas usage methods and storing in training and rescue missions. Thus, the officers can apply this knowledge for appropriate and secure use of gases. This activity is a continued cooperation between BIG and the Royal Thai Navy SEALs duringbased on the rescue mission of Wild Boars (Moo-Pa) Academy football players, as well as the support of gas cylinders with pure oxygen in scuba training for different special missions, and the visit to BIG’s air separation plant last month.

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