>>BIG’s Success in Constructing Digital Monetary System – Ready for Cashless Society

BIG’s Success in Constructing Digital Monetary System – Ready for Cashless Society

Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions, has succeeded in developing digital monetary system providing customers convenience in paying through e-Payment as well as e-Tax Invoice. The company is confident to drive the Government policy of cashless society and to enhance competitiveness.

Ms. Tridtima Boonmark, Senior Manager, Risk Management Division of Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited or BIG, revealed that BIG has improved and created monetary system in form of electronics to use within organization and with business partners. The development of e-Payment and e-Tax Invoice, owing to information technology and communication which are essential to electronics transaction of the Electronics Transaction Development Agency (Public Organization). This digital system can decrease time consumption as well as cost of investment. Plus, it is consistent to the Government policy – Thailand 4.0.

“The Government tries to persuade private sector to use electronics payment system to fully enter cashless society with an objective of increasing Thailand’s competitiveness. In this regard, BIG is one of the country’s pilot companies who adopted these electronics monetary system as well as e-Payment and e-Tax Invoice. With the e-Payment, clients can log-in at BIG e-Invoice through www.bigth.com, then select transaction list and follow each step of the system. During this primary launch, the system allows payment via Bangkok Bank. However, the payment with other banks will be available soon. Due to previous operations, we receive positive feedbacks from our partners,” said Ms. Tridtima.
The advantage of e-Payment is that paying through electronics system can escalate more convenience for transactions in this digital era. It cuts the cost for managing cheque and cash as well as commuting to banks. Furthermore, the system could higher efficiency and opportunity in doing business. It helps business partners to pay online or specify payment date in advance. Hence, it produces more transparency. Also, for the e-Tax Invoice, the system decreases document cost and waiting time for invoice. It further reduces the problem in following invoice through telephone and email.
“BIG is one among the ten main private companies such as Thai Airways, SCG and Bangkok Bank etc, who has full management system of e-Tax Invoice in which the system is compatible with other transactions. We are confident that if we adopt this advanced technology for some advantages, we can increase business efficiency and convenience for customers. Importantly, we can boost more competitiveness for Thailand,” said Ms. Nutchanart Sangakhun, Cash Management Section Manager.

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