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Hydrogen for Mobility

Air Products has taken a leadership position in the development of hydrogen technologies that provide reliable and resilient power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We deployed our first hydrogen fueling station in 1993 and have developed an extensive patent portfolio related to hydrogen supply and dispensing technology based on performing millions of safe fills. Significant advances have been—and continue to be—made in the use of hydrogen both as a transportation fuel and a fuel for power generation. With more than 60 years of hydrogen experience, Air Products is on the forefront of hydrogen energy technology development.

Fueling a Hydrogen Powered Car is Quick and Easy!

Hydrogen for Mobility: Generating a Cleaner Future

BIG and Air Products’ higher purpose include addressing the world’s need for clean energy and materials while reducing environmental impacts. Hydrogen is key to rising to these challenges, and our H2fM® Hydrogen for Mobility solutions cover the entire value chain for hydrogen fueling.

Generating a cleaner future involves experience, investment and innovation on a world scale. We have the technology, the track record, the capital and the ambition to be a first mover in bringing the hydrogen economy to scale.

Joint-venture project will enable production of carbon-free hydrogen for buses and trucks around the world.

World’s Largest Carbon-free Hydrogen Project

We are proud to help make the dream of carbon-free energy a reality. Air Products, together with ACWA Power and NEOM, has signed an agreement for a $5 billion world-scale carbon-free hydrogen-based ammonia production facility powered by renewable energy. Sited in NEOM, a new model for sustainable living located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the project will supply 650 tons per day of carbon-free hydrogen for transportation globally and save the world three million tons per year of CO₂.

The joint venture project, scheduled to be onstream in 2025, is based on proven, world-class technology and will include the innovative integration of over four gigawatts of renewable power from solar, wind and storage; production of 650 tons per day of hydrogen by electrolysis using thyssenkrupp technology through our exclusive strategic cooperation agreement; production of nitrogen by air separation using Air Products technology; and production of 1.2 million tons

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Advancing Hydrogen Technologies

We are responsible for introducing numerous developments in the hydrogen energy market. Here are just a few.

High-pressure Composite Delivery Trailers and Mobile Fueler

Deployed the first 7500 psi trailer for delivering hydrogen to automotive stations, enabling reduced distribution and fueling station costs. Similar concept has been employed to develop a mobile fueler by adding on-board dispensing capability.

Dual-phase Liquid Hydrogen Trailers

Deployed the world’s only hydrogen trailer that can deliver two-phase product, both liquid and gaseous hydrogen, which can be used to reduce the cost of distributing hydrogen fuel.

Cryogenic Two-phase Compression

Designed and deployed the only two-phase cryogenic compressor, which enables reduced capital, lower operating costs and high throughput at liquid hydrogen-based fueling stations.

Hydrogen Fueling Protocols

Developed and patented fueling protocols that enable safe, efficient and reliable hydrogen dispensing for vehicles, which has become the SAE standard protocol for safely fueling vehicles.

Small Onsite Steam Methane Reformers

Developed a state-of-the-art onsite hydrogen generator that enables distributed generation of hydrogen fuel

Tri-generation from Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Power Plant

Led a project team using key Air Products process technologies to convert bio-methane into renewable heat, power and hydrogen at a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The technology applies to various renewable offgas streams.

Onsite Electrolyzer-based Fueling System

Developed a state-of-the-art onsite hydrogen fueling system that enables renewable generation of hydrogen fuel and a low overall system carbon index.

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