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10 August 2018

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Medical gas is another important factor in treating patients in which BIG has been providing this medical gas to many hospitals for over 30 years. The company was trained by the parent company – Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. with world-class standard. The Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is the world largest Helium gas supplier for MRI.

Since we understand the challenge of being a good service provider for medical treatment, BIG therefore provides Oxygen gas as well as other kinds of gas which are highly qualified and pure. Moreover, we are an all-around service provider who makes some convenience to medical professionals.

BIG has 4 air separation plants in two provinces – Chonburi and Rayong. The four plants can produce the highest amount of liquid gas in Thailand. Furthermore, the company has its own industrial complex as well as over 20 cylinders filling plants network in different regions across the country.

Medical Gas Products with Complete Service

Medical gas products include Oxygen, Nitrogen, and other special gases for medical therapy. Moreover, the company assists engineering services in which the company suggests and designs the Medical Piping System. BIG further provides all-around service which generates trust and reliability.

Medical Gas Products

BIG’s medical gas products are liquid Oxygen, packaged gas, Nitrogen gas and Helium gas. Medical liquid Oxygen is produced from air separation plant with the world-class standard of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. from USA. The company also provides gas transportation to storage tanks at partner hospitals. The packaged gases are Oxygen, and Nitrogen for stem cell treatment and usage with medical tools. Moreover, liquid Helium is used for MRI, Nitrous Oxide as an anesthesia, Argon together with Helium gas for cancer treatment, Carbon Dioxide for Carboxy Therapy Process, and other specialty gases or mixed gases for other medial usages and doctor requirements.

Engineering Service – Designing Service for Medical Piping System

The service includes designing and constructing medical piping system. BIG provides a service for installing liquid Oxygen tanks, vaporizer, pressure regulator, backup tanks and other special gases cylinders as well as central pipeline system – manifolds and outlet boxes. In addition, BIG also provides designing system and suggestion for basing system and other systems.


All-Around Service that Makes Confidence and Reliability

Standardized and Efficient Gas Transportation Management

BIG has a network which can efficiently transport liquid gas to fill at the storage tanks for customers. The company has more than 70 gas transportation trucks and over 100 employees who were trained on the standard safety course. In addition, station maintenance officers are available to provide service in case of emergency for 24/7. This currently causes BIG to be trusted from public and private hospitals from all over Thailand. Because the medical gases and other medical equipment are important for every patient’s live, BIG therefore develops all-around service to efficiently meet medical customer requirements. Also, this is to create the highest level of trust for medical service.

Automatic System for BIG Telemetry of Liquid Gas

The system is used to verify the level of liquid Oxygen gas in any customer hospitals around Thailand. It allows us to know the changing rate of applying liquid gas in each period. This helps the company to be able to assess the existing gas in storage tanks as well as to accurately manage gas transportation system. In sense, the hospitals can trust the planned transportation gas from the company. They do not have to concern about gas in their stocks and can be confident to use those gases continually.

Technology that Increases an Efficiency in Transportation

BIG installed GPS system which can track gas transportation trucks. It further helps gas filling in case of emergency. The GPS could also track the fastest route to destination. Plus, barcode on every BIG’s gas cylinders can certify preciseness of gases and prevent error during transportation.

The Largest Storage Tanks in Thailand within Integrated Industrial Gas Complex

The largest storage tanks for liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen in Thailand can be used to reservedly distribute gas to customers owing to their needs.  Customers can thus be confident and satisfied for the continuation of BIG’s gas delivery. The system supports could mostly support medical demands.

Mobile Unit and Pumper Supply Service

BIG provides mobile unit depending on customers’ needs everywhere and every time. The mobile is prepared for small area when high amount of Oxygen is needed. It is appropriate for medical service necessity during emergency.

Product Quality and Service at Medical Standard

BIG’s gas products and other services is certified and meet medical standards regarding leading hospitals requirements such as Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) 540-2555 and ISO 9001:2015, standard of ASME tools as well as design and safety assessment NFPA-99.

Safety Standard

In consistence with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. who is the world leader in safety standard in the industrial gas market, BIG is willing to share knowledge about secured moving process and medical gas storing to clients. BIG organizes safety demonstration when required by customers. The BIG team of technical experts advice customers for safety management to be compatible with medical standard as well as efficient use of medical gas.


Medical Gases for Different Medical Applications

Liquid Oxygen gas and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with limited budget in medical management as well as higher competition lead to the challenge that medical experts need to increase their capacity in managing resources which will not affect treatment quality for patients. Therefore, it is necessary for those medical professionals to be confident in the amount of Oxygen gas with standard quality and sufficiency for treatment.

BIG realizes this challenge especially the demand of Oxygen for new therapy method such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which needs high amount of oxygen at all time. BIG and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. thus improved liquid Oxygen gas system as well as all-around services for the treatment and other trauma therapy around the world. It helps medical experts to be confident for this system and service. Hence, they can provide continued and efficient treatment to their patients. Moreover, they can work mainly on their administration which can higher standard level in curing the patients.

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