Gas Innovation and the Creative KAAN Show

14 March 2019

Combining cultural property and creativity as well as innovation to produce an impression for local and international tourists is the best definition for KAAN Show. KAAN Show is a performance that offers Thai identity with light, sound and color techniques. The performance is an outstanding attraction for Pattaya tourism industry.

Let’s talk to Paween Purijitpanya or Goff, a film director from GDH and executive vice president of Panjaluck Pasuk Co., Ltd., who is behind the KAAN Show which demonstrates interesting story to worldwide audiences.

The origin of this show that communicates to everyone

Goff told us that KAAN Show happened from cooperation of investment group from several kinds of business who want to create a quality show in Thailand which is as good as other countries. Those business investors searched for a team who can make this show until they found GDH.

“The GDH team creates a new show in which the sponsors are ready to support this idea, therefore, it makes the KAAN Show.”

Later, the crew discovered other performances which are popular abroad and initiated idea that can be adapted to the KAAN Show.

“In America, most performers are Russians who are Olympic players. However, in Thailand, we are inferior in terms of physical body and capability. We cannot replace the absence of these abilities, but we can produce many tools and apply different techniques for the performance. The company thus takes our strength that we are good in storytelling to make the KAAN Show because most performances in the world do not tell story. KAAN Show takes Thai literatures to organize a new story – with new interpretation and initiation in our own way. Otherwise, if we focus closely, the storytelling is based on Thai-ness and Thai identity. Local and foreign tourists can nonetheless understand the story at the first place.”

Where is ‘KAAN’ from?

Goff told us about this show

“We coincidentally got this name for the show. The story is about a boy who travels through different literatures. Nevertheless, we did not come up with the name yet. The GTH film which talks about Thai-ness and legend of Mekong Full Moon Party (2002) of Keng – Jira Malikul, has a main character named Kaan. In this case, we borrowed the name because Kaan in the KAAN Show also holds similar characteristics of doubting about the world. Perhaps, my Kaan is a representative of current Thais who are too familiar with Thai-ness and identity, but do not realize Thai-ness value. One day, Kaan enters literature world and senses Thai-ness as well as other details, hence, he appreciates that Thai-ness and identity are interesting and fun not less than this literature world. I feel that we need to take this point to compose a storytelling.”

“ The Team Gathers All Professionals in Thailand – The Well-Known GDH is 

Found to Create the Performance – KAAN Show 

Create everything in 2 Years

KAAN Show is not amazing only a storytelling of KAAN’s adventure, but it is also fantastic on production process of the show compositions – story outline, show stage, other components and special techniques. Goff told us about working process which is applied internationally. The show must begin with developing a story outline and designing performance stage. However, the problem is amount of time that the crew needed to finish work and get the show ready within 2 years. Goff and the crew therefore gather professionals in Thailand which is GDH to create the KAAN Show. Moreover, Goff and his teamwork with a support from Baan Rig and Scenario to make the show happen on time.

Industrial Gas and the Amazing Show

Important techniques – light, color and sound are cornerstones for this performance. In addition, overlay image at the performance must relate every composition together to create feeling and atmosphere for audiences as they are going through the adventure with Kaan.

BIG takes part for this special technique to impress the viewers within the theater by using Carbon Dioxide gas. This standardized Carbon Dioxide gas releases LED along the show. Goff explained this idea to take gas as a part of the show that,

“When we go to concert, we always see smoke and believe that it can be adapted to the show because it is an energy that replaces violence. For example, the show with ocean ogre – an enormous female character in literature who has canines – who waves sea water. In this case, we need real wave in which the mapping image is not enough. Therefore, we produced waves by using Carbon Dioxide gas because the gas can be used in all area or used separately and differently. Every time we release Carbon Dioxide gas, I like to see the audiences frighten because it is a surprise that they do not know how and where the gas is from. The gas sound and effect make image become powerful which the audience might be scared but fun with the show. This is a kind of real effect, that does not look like the fake or simulated one.”

The performance and gas effect must be controlled under safety work standard. The gas storage place must be ventilated while quality of gas cylinders must be according to common standard. Moreover, BIG must provide a safety training course and advice for the proper use of gas for staff. The gas transportation must also be owing to the performance theatre needs because it will encourage the completion of the show. This is the reason that KAAN Show selected BIG as a partner.

“ In conclusion, BIG’s gas takes important part in the special technique

production, to impress the audiences within the theater.

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