Gas Innovation for Stainless Welding – MIG/MAG and TIG

11 September 2018

Stainless welding is to strap two pieces of metal through heat – to melt both pieces until they are attached. It is often that the finished products do not meet quality and standard such as lack of mechanical properties quality, lack of smoothness after attaching and toxic to welders that is caused during welding process – smoke and splinter.

Selection of highly efficient gas for each welding is an important variable which will enrich the welding line quality, for example welding or completing vehicle components, welding metal frames, and welding transportation pipes and liquid container in different industries.

Welding gas innovation – Inolinx® from BIG and Air Products and Chemical, Inc. is developed to specifically increase efficiency in stainless steel welding. Moreover, it is designed to be proper for GMAW and GTAW welding.

Inolinx® MAG for GMAW Welding

This is appropriate for stainless steel welding. It relies on welding process of GMAW or MAG. The work can be differentiated into two types: semi-automatic by welding wire through automatic wire reception to a nozzle which requires welder’s skill: and robotics welding which is widely used on vehicle parts production industries as well as gas transportation pipe and high density large-sized liquid welding, for instance.

  • Ingredients between CO2 and H2 are appropriately controlled which can make welding line smoother and shiny
  • The welding line with high absorbing can make high quality melting and reduce the error rate of products
  • It can be welded 15% faster comparing to other general types of gas which raises a number of production results and cuts production cost
  • The Ozone emission is 30% less than other gases.

Inolinx® TIG for GTAW Welding

It is suitable for GTAW – TIG stainless welding which requires smoothness and strength of the welding line such as liquid and gas pipe system welding, and tiny and skinny pieces welding.

  • High quality welding which causes smooth and shiny welding line
  • With more amount of Hydrogen for higher efficiency in TIG welding which is proper for manual as well as robotic welding
  • 30% faster welding comparing to Argon gas that makes high quality products and decreases labor cost
  • Smoke and Ozone emission rate is relatively low.

For every welding work, gas is considered as very significant variable which results to quality of welding line. Inolinx® is a product in welding gas group – Linx® which is discovered and developed by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. from USA. Apart from higher product quality, Inolinx® can reduce production cost as well as can be environmental-friendly. As a result of outstanding quality of Inolinx®, the gas is widely accepted and popular among welding gas users around the world and Thailand. What about you, are you ready for this high-quality welding gas?

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