Infinite Innovation from the Air to Drive the Thailand 4.0 Policy

10 August 2018

Sustainable growth is the main idea to support the Government policy – Thailand 4.0. Gas innovation is to encourage industrial production suppliers to use resources to the maximum benefit and efficiency. As a result, the other entrepreneurs try to reduce using energy and be friended with environment. These business owners rely on innovation and advanced technology for their operation. Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited or BIG, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions, takes an important role in supporting Thai industrial business to efficiently use gas innovation in waste-water treatment.

Gas Innovation to drive Thailand 4.0

Gas innovation is another factor to generate the balance between environment and people’s live quality development. BIG, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions, realizes and is committed to create gas innovation to improve customers’ production process – especially industrial sector customers. Gas innovation therefore stimulates effective use of resources as well as reduce production costs for entrepreneurs.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions, said that “The company takes this innovation, technology, and expertise in industry from the parent company called – Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. to support the Government policy – Thailand 4.0. In sense, the company helps to improve efficiency of production industries in Thailand. Besides, BIG helps the business sector to be able to adjust to market change and environmental challenge in the future. Wastes from industries can directly affect environment, hence the efficient regulation and waste destruction can call for entrepreneurs’ responsibility toward society and environment.”

Waste-Water Sustainable Management

BIG with trust from Phoenix Pulp and Paper Public Co., Ltd., who is the major paper producer in Thailand and ASEAN – under SCG, hands over the Halia® OxyMix® technology. The Halia® OxyMix® is an Oxygen gas innovation which is developed to increase efficiency and quality of the Oxygen filling system for wastewater management. This innovation can reduce time and cost in applying energy as well as decrease volatile organic compound (VOC) and sediment residue from wastewater.

Using this gas innovation in managing waste from industry is an emerging idea which gains high attention from industrial sector. The Halia® OxyMix® technology obtains a crucial role to change the waste management method. The innovation depends mainly on Oxygen which helps in the wastewater management process. Therefore, using more gas innovation for wastewater management in industry can reinforce progress in industrial sector.

Mr. Piyabut further emphasized BIG’s resolution that the company is committed and discovered gas innovation to effectively support industry through Thailand 4.0. The use of this innovation will also generate the use of energy efficiently and sustainably.

“For over 30 years, BIG is committed to and realizes safety policy, quality live and environment. The company will not stop creating new innovations which can influence production process and resources reusing to the highest potential. BIG assists to increase productions as well as efficient use of energy. Moreover, we bring sustainable growth to the world by providing unlimited gas innovation. So, last year, we received three awards including: 1) 2016 Thailand Energy Awards – Energy Reserving, Transportation: 2) 2016 Eco Factory Award – Eco-Industry: and 3) 2016 CSR–DIW – who supports other industries to be responsible for society and live sustainably with local community.”

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