BIG Starts e-Payment, Cutting Cheque and Cash Payment Cost, Following the Government Policy – Thailand 4.0

14 February 2019

E-Payment is a payment method through electronics system because technology currently plays important role in economic system. Moreover, The Revenue Department is influencing entrepreneurs to adopt electronics banking to increase more convenience in this digital era. In this case, the e-payment can also rise more competitiveness for trading within the country. This payment method is consistent with Thailand National e-Payment Master Plan. It is also accordant with the Government Policy – Thailand 4.0 which will lead the country to cashless society.

Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited or BIG, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions adopted and developed the e-payment system which the government is proceeding. BIG is one of private companies who early improved and managed e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt systems as well as e-Payment. The management and development are based on communication and information technology standards which is necessary for electronics payment of Electronic Transaction Development Agency (Public Organization) or ETDA. This system is ready for our business partners who are interested. The customers can log in at BIG e-Invoice through, then select payment category and follow the system process. The system primarily allows payment through Bangkok Bank, while the other commercial banks will be available in the near future.

Apart from e-Payment, BIG further provides other types of electronics payment to higher our service ability. The company permits downloading of invoice and statement through the internet system. This service makes a continuation of sending and receiving information which can be promptly and properly used for account status report.

Plus, it could be instantly used to process with intra information and communication technology. If you are interested in our e-Invoice and e-Payment, please kindly contact 02-685-8530 or (Ms. Nutchanart), 02-685-8527 or (Ms. Piyawan), 02-685-8516 or (Ms. U-Sa), for more information.

Advantages that our business partners will receive:

  • Reduce cheque and cash management cost
  • Reduce transportation cost to operate payment at bank
  • Increase efficiency and opportunity in doing business: it helps business partners to immediately pay online or to set payment date
  • Increase transparency in payment

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