Physiotherapy with Coldness from Liquid Nitrogen – Cryotherapy

10 August 2018


Currently, the coldness quality is being used effectively to relieve the pain in hospitals, according to temperature controlling for efficient treatment that makes stability and continuity. The therapy can therefore be restricted in certain area.

Cryotherapy or Whole-Body Cryotherapy is originally from Japan which was known in 1880. Later in 1978, a group of Japanese scientists takes the idea to construct Cryogenic Chamber for the first time in the world where they started to treat patients with coldness.

In 2000, the Cryogenic Chamber is widely known in Europe. It is used in Olympic physical body recovery center in Spala, Poland. Then, the therapy with coldness from liquid Nitrogen is mainly used to cure pain from sport.


Theoretically, the patients must stay in the Cryogenic Chamber which liquid Nitrogen is used for producing coldness. The patients are treated under a temperature of -120 degrees Celsius without clothes. However, they must put on swimsuits, gloves, socks, mask and ear nubs to prevent ice from hurting the body. Approximately, they stay in the room for 1.5-3 minutes.

The Cryotherapy must be regulated by professionals because the body must be checked all the time to prevent tissue destruction from ice as well as Hypothermia – extreme cold condition which can cause death to the patients.

Nowadays, the Cryotherapy is further used for bone marrow disease, neuro diagnosis, muscle disease, Psoriasis, pain from sports, rehabilitation medicine, itchy, pain, and swelling and bruised. Moreover, the therapy can also reduce insomnia and depression.

Treatment with coldness from liquid Nitrogen – Cryotherapy in Sport Medicine

Cryotherapy can reduce some negative effects from exercise. Plus, it can prepare the body for harder exercise as well as used as a training program for sport players to bring better results.

Treatment with coldness from liquid Nitrogen is always used for curing instant bruised from playing sport and long-term swelling. It is used in recovering tendon, fibrosis, muscle, and bone after operation. Additionally, the Cryotherapy is used for sport players to prevent bruised and swelling during hard training and competition.

The treatment consequence can increase strength against painful as well as strength of the muscle. Moreover, it reduces risk of infection when the players are injured. The treatment can decrease recovery time from being bruised and swelling from playing sports.

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