Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited, Thailand’s Innovative Industrial Gas Solutions, together with the host (PTT Public Company Limited) to organize “the 8th Wonderful Winter Flower Blossom Tulips at Rayong” from April 6-21, 2019 at Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Herbal Garden, Muang District, Rayong. In this regard, BIG, as an LNG service provider for industrial sector, offers LNG with American standard and technology in order to transport natural gas in form of liquid with a purpose of generating minus 161 degrees Celsius gas for storing and treating the event’s winter plants.

“The LGN delivery service to PTT in this occasion of winter plants – blossom tulips at Rayong is one of BIG services. Moreover, it is the use of LNG coldness outside industrial segment. BIG is expertise in efficiently and safely managing as well as transferring industrial gas products to customers. BIG officially registered in this business as a liquid natural gas supplier last year. LNG is natural gas which is transformed from gas to liquid under frozen state. Therefore, PTT can use this coldness condition to stabilize those winter plants quality during the event period”.

Mr. Piyabut further mentioned that BIG realizes the significance of LNG. Besides the company’s profession in gas transportation service, the company is a representative in distributing LNG to many industries locating outside natural gas pipe area. In the future, industrial sector will carry a higher demand in LNG according to economic extension. More important, LNG price is reasonably competitive comparing to other fuels. LNG is a natural and clean energy that can reduce pollution. It has a complete burning process which is safe and appropriate to use in industries.