Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

BIG believes that fundamental of sustainable development is to maintain balance between economic, ecology and social. For the past 30 years, BIG attached great importance to the philosophy of “Growing BIG Together” with social and environmental responsibilities and had implemented this concept in every step from production to delivery. Examples of BIG commitment in CSR include :

– Environmental : friendly production processes
– Efficiency and safety logistic system
– Various innovative solutions to help customers increase production, optimize resources, reduce cost and provide environmental-friendly production solutions.
– BIG is the only industrial gas producer in Thailand that becomes a member of *“Responsible Care”campaign.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2016 from Department of Industrial Works (CSR-DIW 2016) that proven BIG is a leading innovative industrial gas company with high standards for management of environment, health and safety for sustainability. In addition, BIG’s quality management system has been accredited and complied with international standard, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. At the heart of BIG’s staffs is a set of real values saying that we will work to protect our fellow human beings and the environment, and be a positive influence for our communities, for example, to participate in CSR activities taking place in the communities where we operate. BIG’s CSR value is also demonstrated in our sustainable offerings and operations.

*“Responsible Care” is a voluntary project initiated by an association of leading companies in the chemical industry all over the world, under the consultancy of the International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA). The purpose of the project is to drive continuous improvement in operational efficiency regarding health& hygiene, safety, and environment of the member companies. At present, more than 60 member countries participated, and the Chemical Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries became member in 1996.